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Mouse Taxidermy Manual Book Launch

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Apologies for the radio silence these past few months, but I have been working on some amazing projects, and getting ready for the launch of my new step-by-step mouse taxidermy book published by Suzette Field, author of A Curious Invitation, and Masterly Publishing. The book is a 70-step photo tutorial in mouse taxidermy based on my contiuously sold out classes at The Last Tuesday Society.

Pop by as I will be answering questions about taxidermy over a glass of wine at the event.


We will be selling copies of the new book with a DIY taxidermy kit, releasing more class dates at various very cool secret locations around London, and unveiling our new website (which will be posted here shortly as well).

I have several blogs lines up for the new year, including one about a trip to Germany to meet a large animal taxidermist and a taxidermist who aspires to stuff pets, as well as a blog on whether stuffing humans is possible or not (a question I get ALL THE TIME).

So stay tuned. This is turning into an incredible journey.

In the meantime, check out a recent photoshoot Daf Owen did of my taxidermy adventures.


Book a class here

x Margot

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One comment on “Mouse Taxidermy Manual Book Launch

  1. I’m so excited about this book! I’ve been desperate to try mouse taxidermy but never wanted to book a class in case I couldn’t actually do it. I remember in school having to dissect a pig’s eyeball and I had to go out of the classroom because the smell was so bad I nearly passed out. I’m hoping I will be alright now but would love to try it at home first :D Will you be selling the book and taxidermy kit online? I unfortunately can’t make the launch event but soooo need this! xx

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